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Rosanna Cavallaro Quoted in Boston Globe Article On Mass Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone Law

To read the full article that was published on June 24, 2013, go here.

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SJC: Judges Can Ignore Prosecutors and Issue Shorter Sentences in Plea Deals

Read the full story here.

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Federal Court to Let Cameras Record Some Civil Trials for Broadcast on Internet and TV

The US District Court in Massachusetts is one of 14 courts around the country that will participate in a three-year pilot program to allow civil cases to be tape recorded for broadcast over the Internet and on television news programs.

For more details, read this Boston Globe article.

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Mass bill would OK pet trust funds

A bill on Governor Deval Patrick’s desk would permit Massachusetts residents to write pets into their wills, leaving behind trust funds for their care that would be upheld and enforced by a court.  For more details see this January4, 2011 Boston Globe article.

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Mass House & Senate Agree on Driving Distraction Legislation – Includes Crack Down on Texting, Cell phone Use and New Requiements for Older Drivers

The Massachusetts House and Senate have agreed on a crackdown on distracted driving that includes a ban on texting while driving and a ban on cellphone use for drivers under age 18.

The bill will also include new requirements for older drivers. It would require them to renew their licenses in person and take an eye test when they turn 75 and every five years thereafter, the official said.

The details of the distracted driving proposal will be announced Tuesday afternoon, June 22, 2010 in a State House news conference.

For more details, go here.

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Legislative Action Required to Achieve Managerial Excellence in the Trial Courts – A Report of the Massachusetts Court Management Advisory Board (CMAB)

The Massachusetts Court Management Advisory Board (CMAB) released a report calling on “the Governor’s office and the state Legislature to enact broad changes to the Administrative structure of the state’s Judiciary, focusing primarily on the Trial Courts and its seven departments.”  To read the full 24 page report, go here.

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