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The Ideal Law School for the 21st Century

In his article that was recently posted to SSRN, Dean Erwin Chemerinsky “describes the two key aspects to the vision for UCI Law School: being a top 20 law school, by every measure, from the outset and preparing students for the practice of law at the highest levels of the profession. He describes the early history of the law school and the many choices that have been made to realize these goals.”  To read the full article go here.  For more discussion on this article, go here.

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US News Likely to Change Law School Ranking Methodology in Wake of ABA Action

“U.S. News & World Report will probably change its law school ranking methodology to reflect the new and more detailed job placement information the ABA’s law school accrediting arm has conditionally agreed to start collecting.”  For more details, read the full article that was published in the ABA Journal on June 20, 2011.

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The Green Bag Announces A New Ranking System – The Deadwood Report

The Green Bag will launch a new ranking this spring called the Deadwood Report.  This annual report will assess “whether faculty members do the work that the law schools say they do.”  The editors explained that law schools “generally hold themselves out as institutions led by faculties whose members are committed to teaching, scholarship, and service….The Deadwood Report will simply test the accuracy of that picture.”    For many more details, including methodology and reaction from law school officials, read this article from Inside Higher Education & this SSRN article.

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Law Faculty Blogs

Take a look at this interesting article that was written by J. Robert Brown at The University of Denver Sturm College of Law: Of Empires, Independents, and Captives: Law Blogging, Law Scholarship, and Law School Rankings.

Abstract: Law faculty blogs have been around for much of the new millennium. This article examines these blogs, including their role in the legal scholarship continuum and their growing influence of legal community. The paper begins with an evolutionary study, noting that law blogging originally began in a state of nature, with few rules governing frequency or content of posts. Increased competition and the emergence of Empire and Captive law blogs, however, has resulted in a growing sense of order on the legal blogosphere. Perhaps as a result, the influence of law blogs has increased. The paper relies on a list of approximately 130 law faculty blogs and studies the frequency of law review and case citations. The numbers have been undergoing significant growth. The growth is particularly noteworthy given the difficulty in searching for material posted on the Internet.

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Sociological Report on Law School Rankings

Wendy Nelson Espeland and Michael Sauder’s article Rankings and Reactivity: How Public Measures Recreate Social Worlds, 113 American Journal of Sociology 1 (2007).

Here’s part of the abstract: Using the example of media rankings of law schools, this article argues that the methodological concept of reactivity the idea that people change their behavior in reaction to being evaluated, observed, or measured offers a useful lens for disclosing how these measures effect change.

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Blogs, Law School Rankings and the Race to the Bottom

Jay Brown from Denver Law posted this article to SSRN.  Here’s the abstract:

The paper discusses the evidence that blogs enhance reputation and surveys the way that scholars at law schools outside the top tier are already harnessing blogs to enhance their reputations. The paper also discusses what it takes to create a successful blog, from the search for content to the benefits of advertising. The paper finishes with a brief history of The Race to the Bottom, a corporate governance blog.

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